Oct 11

Everything about OET Speaking in one place

Though the format remains the same, OET Speaking is profession-specific. On test day, it is the final module. Part 1:...

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Oct 05


Akanksha ELearning platform is the best in the online OETteaching industry, and it has been updated with the new OET...

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Sep 27

Use These Proven Strategies to Improve Your IELTS Speaking Score

You've probably heard similar things from your friends and family. Many people have different perspectives on the IELTS exam. It...

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Sep 19

IELTS Exam Pattern and Great Tips to Achieve a High Band Score

Are you struggling to understand the IELTS exam pattern? Yeah, it can be a bit tough in the beginning. But once...

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Sep 19

When to Book Dates For Your IELTS Exam and Coaching: The IELTS Tutorials Guide

You should know when to book dates for your IELTS Exam and IELTS Coaching.Most test-takers make the mistake of either...

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Sep 05

5 Books That Can Help You Prepare For The Speaking Test In The IELTS Exam 2022

“There are so many good YouTube videos on this topic. Why waste money on books?” Well, every good book that you...

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