Types of TOEFL Writing Test

There are two main categories of tasks in the writing section of TOEFL. They are –

  • TOEFL Writing Task 1 – Integrated Writing Task
  • TOEFL Writing Task 2 – Independent Writing Task

TOEFL Writing Samples for Writing Section

Here is an elaborate breakdown of questions asked in each category of the writing section of TOEFL. Practising these TOEFL writing samples can easily help an individual master the art of writing. Further helping them achieve high scores to crack into top foreign colleges for study or get placed in top companies for jobs. 

1. TOEFL Integrated Writing Task

Task one gives candidates a reading passage followed by a short listening passage. They have three minutes to read the passage and take notes before it disappears, and the listening passage plays for two or three minutes. Then the candidates have 20 minutes to write their essay answers. The table below provides a breakdown of these tasks –

Question StructureDetails
Question 1Individuals can skip the introduction of this writing section.
Question 2Candidates will be given an academic passage to read. The passage will contain between 250 – 300 words and might disappear after three minutes, but will be back when they are ready to write.
Question 3A lecture covering the content of the assigned reading will play. The lecture lasts two to three minutes.
Question 4After the passage finishes, candidates will be asked a question to summarise points made in the lecture and explain how they relate to specific ideas made in the reading.
Question 5The clock starts. Candidates have 20 minutes to write an essay of at least 250 words. They answer the question, provide information from both the reading and listening passages, and discuss how the two are similar or different.

2. TOEFL Independent Writing Task

The independent writing task on the TOEFL takes 30 minutes to complete. Unlike the integrated essay, this answer must come completely from the candidates’ opinions. The following types of questions can be expected in the independent writing section task two:

Question TypeAsking FrequencyDetails
Choose a SideUsuallyDo you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Parents should read their children’s text messages”?
OpenSometimesWhat advice would you give a friend travelling to another country to go to school?
Three ChoiceRarelyFor your senior year of college, you must volunteer at the school library. 
– Would you rather stack books, read to children, or, 
– Help with Internet searches?
Advantages & DisadvantagesHardly EverMany students are asked to evaluate their professors at the end of the semester.
– What are the advantages, and
– Disadvantages of this approach?

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